CEO’s statement

Our aim is to achieve motivation from the development vision from customers, staff and our company.

Motivation from Customer Side

  • In-House production: Adopting the simplest procurement operation system, devoted to run with an integrated production plant. Manufacturing most components in-house which help to reduce production/ running cost.
  • Cell Line: To accommodate market diversification, ARI runs with standing production lines. Workers can have larger room and flexibility in working movement thus can save material moving cost.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) approach: All members in ARI can initiate to improve the production processes and products. And from top to down, we encourage PDCA (plan–do–check–act) method in our operation. We keep improving in low cost operation.
  • Self-directed development: ARI develops its own designed products and promot to customer regularly so that customers can lead the sales in market.

Motivation from Staff’s development:

  • Take the staff’s expected career development as for the company. Well prepared for the challenges every day, pursuit of unlimited business ideas.
  • Through TQM approach, staff can use their own abilities to motivate a healthy company’s development. Therefore, it induced as a two-way development opportunity.
  • Working hard to provide a safe work environment and cozy life for staff

Motivation from Company’s development:

  • To achieve the customer’s and staff’s development, the company will have sustainable development.