Company History

  • Year 1996, Asian Resources International Limited(ARI) founded
  • Year 2002, ARI first factory established. Mainly manufacture PU-foam pillow, mattress and floor chair.
  • Year 2003, ARI invested on its own production plant with 30,000 sqm
  • Year 2004, ARI invested on its own automation foam machine (Made in Taiwan)
  • Year 2005, ARI invested on a land property with 60,000 sqm in HuiYang for further development.ARI invested on a land property with 100,000 sqm in SuZhou for further development
  • Year 2008, ARI new factory at HuiYang and Suzhou started construction. Mainly for the production of sofas and mattresses.
  • Year 2010, ARI SuZhou factory started production.
  • Year 2012. ARI New HuiYang factory started production.
  • Year 2013, ARI first launched its own brand “Kosmax”, target for domestic market.